A True Proof of our Training, Mentorship and Company Support

Since 1993, Ray International’s exposure in the International property market has been increasing. Many of our Associates whom has joined us either fresh or some years of experience has increased their income and many even have earned many times more.

Ray International's recruitment program has been one of the major factors of all our Associates growth in their career path. We implement a very selective format for people to join us based on a one-to-one personal private discussion. This is to fully understand each individual's search for personal success. We do not practice the seminar mass recruitment format as we concentrate more on quality realtors than just quantity agents. An Associate’s success is important to our company as it means long-term success for everyone.

Ray International's philosophy is to ensure that each individual's success and growth is achieved. Every individual who joined us is given a full comprehensive theoretical and practical training on various real estate markets. Each person must understand their goals of what they want to achieve in order to be successful in building up their real estate career from the start. They will be trained in all aspects like marketing techniques, sales and leasing documentation procedure, prospecting, handling of objections, exclusive listing skills and even project marketing on-site training.

Ray International's training program has been tailor-made to suit everyone's career path and have trained many outstanding practicing realtors over the years. Those who joined Ray International, many have become top realtors and as a result, many have become specialists and financially rich!

The other major factor is the mentorship that Mr. Raymond Chow gave to its Associates. He often personally trained his Associates, worked with them closely, listens to them, and being pro-active in the projects together with the project team. More importantly, he treats everyone as a close friend and working colleague. This attitude and dedication to his Associates help enhance everyone’s selling skills and support in a big way. This is one of the main reasons why his Associates are able to earn better income than before.

"Every year our Associates earned Top Income!" SO CAN YOU!

Ray International offers you the opportunity of building your career with us! To find out how you can grow with us and start having a rewarding career, please call our office for a private and confidential discussion today!

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